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Potting seeds

14th May 2018: Another stage of the tree planting process is transferring the tiny seedlings to tubes. These ladies are learning the procedure in the lands of the Bishop's residence. Our horticultural operation in Lusangazi is in imminent danger of being wiped out by a Presidential order. He has

Forest Report from Msiro area in Dunduzu

19th April 2018: FROM: Prominence VENUE: Msiro Primary School PEOPLE PRESENT: The GVH Makhuwira, GVH Mzazi, VH Mateyo Muhanga, PTA chair of School, vice chair of Moyo wathu C.B.O and some community members. We were in Msiro Area in Dunduzu and we had a meeting at Msiro Primary School. We

Preschool with 106 students

26th March 2018: Written by Miriam PRESCHOOL FOLLOW UP AT UCHIZI (ZOLOZOLO)   INTRODUCTION: This preschool started in 2017, by the women group for different churches who came together after noting this problem. They contribute money to pay for a house every month which accommodates 106 children from the area.

Hostel and Classrooms

17th March 2018: This is our new building at our Centre for Learning. Downstairs we have two new classrooms and some storage for the Horticulture people. Upstairs we have a space where people can come and stay, like: Women who come to do training or pump maintenance or Preschool


14th March 2018: At the moment we support 58 preschools, mainly by holding workshops and doing training in co-operation with the Department of Social Care. If communities decide to build a school then we assist with metal sheets for the roof. The rest they can manage themselves We

Preschool Workshop

16th February 2018: Miriam is head of our preschools division and on Monday she sent me a WhatsApp indicating that she had initiated seven new preschools in a new area and would have a workshop for the caregivers at our centre for learning today. The picture shows

Friends at Christmas

17th December 2017: As I keep saying, donations come from all over the world from people who believe in what we do and how we achieve it. Today we got a card form an amazing young woman who volunteered with us in Malawi and left an indellable

Invited by the Mayor: Wow!

5th November 2017: from Miriam (Head of Preschool development) Hello Boss, Here is a short report on a visit to Nkhatabay where the pump team were delivering cement and I was invited by the Governor of Nkhatabay MP to talk about preschooling. We visited Pundu village where the villagers and caregivers

Mary and Miriam visit Msiki pre-school

This is Mary and Miriam after delivering a training session at Mskiki preschool. It was a hugely successful day. Below is the report I received from Miriam about the day: PHASE 2 WORKSHOP REPORT FROM: Miriam DATE: 22rd  November, 2017 VENUE: Msiki PEOPLE PRESENT: The representative of GVH Andrea Moyo,

Mary’s words of wisdom

When myself and Mary first met, I was the quieter one. Mary was always amazing at her job. A wonderful teacher and there wasn't much you'd get past her! Her teaching  career has undoubtedly been a huge asset to Wells For Zoë as she tries to

Historic: Preschool Teachers Pay

23rd October 2017: Had written a long piece about this but failed to save it: sorry! Miriam wrote: Hello boss Here I have some of the pictures which I took today at Msiki CBO where we transported Blessing Ngwira from Social welfare. We had 23 caregivers from 7 preschools. who