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Off to University for Lusungu

11th August 2018:

This is Lusungu before she headed off to University:

Her own story so far:

My name is Lusungu Chirwa. I am the youngest in the family of seven. My parents are both very old and they live in a typical village in Mzimba. Currently I am living with my sister who is divorced and she also looks after her two children. My sister did not go further with her education so she runs a small business in order to feed us. Looking at how she struggles for us, I decided to go further with my education so that I might be of help to her and my parents at home.

In 2012, I got selected to Nkhorongo Secondary school, NED organization helped with my fees. In 2015 I wrote my first form 4 examinations and I passed with 25 points. Due to high competition, plus the high points, I was not offered a place at the University.

I decided to repeat form 4 but no one was able to help me with the fees. I stayed at home the whole year, staying at home pained me a lot because that was never my plan in my academic life. I started looking for solutions.

In 2016, I found Mary Coyne and found out that WfZ pay school fees for the needy girls. I went there and after they looked my situation, they helped me out. I went back to school and I worked very hard. My target was to pass with 20 points or below. In 2017 I again sat for the form 4 examinations and I passed with 18 points. After applying for the colleges I was offered a place at Chancellor Collage to study Bachelor of Arts in social and economic history.

I am very thankful to WfZ because they have done a lot for me; they paid my school fees at secondary school and looked after me when there was no one else, and now that I have been selected to go to college, they have helped me with accommodation and transport fees. Apart from that, they also helped me from the time I wrote form 4 examinations until now as they called me to work with them.


Her results include an A in English. What a woman.
We are sorry to see her leaving our staff, but delighted for her.

Just another reason to be thankful to our Donors

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