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Irish Apples

15th October 2018: They told me that apples don't grow in Malawi, where apples are imported from South Africa and Zambia and are very expensive. Undaunted we got some rootstock and scions from Irish Seed Savers in Scariff Co Clare, and with their European Passports, took them

Pine tree seedlings

14th October 2018: This is part of our 150,000 pine tree seedlings on the farm for planting out in the January rainy season. Part of our #1millionTrees target. Part of our Climate Change strategy.


13th October 2018: Every now and then the opportunity arises to join up a few more dots as we call it. No strategic plans, just simple innovations. This opportunity arises as we welcome back Boyd who lived with his mother Joyce, an employee on the farm, and

Fruit tree seedlings

12th October 2018: This is our area for storing fruit tree seedlings after they have been budded or grafted in our greenhouses. When they have "taken" they are moved to this shaded storage area, awaiting planting-out from January in the rainy season. This shed is a little

Veggies and bananas

9th October 2018: We grow our own vegetables on the farm to feed our staff and the girls in the Girl Child Student project. We also use this organic system to do research and training.

Embangweni Preschools

6th October 2018: One of the pillars of our Educational projects are preschools. Its the beginning and If kids don't start before the school entry age of  six they are often lost and never attend school. Last time in Malawi i met the leaders and community of

Chief Éamonn

17th September 2018: This is our son Éamonn who is taking our place on this trip. Here he is in Embangweni an area about 2 hours south of our base in Mzuzu. I'm not sure exactly what is happening but it looks like a greeting from the

More Clean Water

15th September 2018. A pump that has been installed in Embangweni on behalf of drop4drop. When it gets its plaque you can see it over on the wells & pumps page. They all seem very happy.


14th September 2018: These four mothers (yes they are young!) are waiting to meet Florence, head of our Girl Child Student project, through which we support girls through their Second Level education. We only take the very poorest, those who have no chance of secondary education without

More Clean Water in Nkhatabay

12th September 2018: A report form Alfred who installed the pump: Tunduma village is in Mdezu area in Nkhatabay. The place is hilly and it has bad roads and as a result many organisation have no interest to help in the area. They really thank WfZ for

Learning to type

11th September 2018: Learning to type is one of our MSCE (Final exam in secondary school) graduates from last year. She came to Florence asking if she could come in every day and learn some skills. Everyone who come gets some basic training in computing. Here Ellen is being


10th September 2018: This is Miriam, our head of Preschool education and official trainer for Carers and Committees who run preschools in our extended area sometimes up to 200 km from our base in Mzuzu. This one is close to home in Salisbury Line, where the carers