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Kevin Dalferth

4th November 2018: On the left is Kevin Dalferth, who is volunteering with us from Germany. He is with Harisen and Rose, examining this new magical driving wheel!!! His parents, and in fact his whole family, have been supporting our efforts from the beginning, having spent

Saturday food

3rd November 2018: This shows Phil getting the food ready for the hungry hoards. Every Saturday we collect the girls from the Girl Child Student project for the Saturday Club at the Wells for Zoë Centre for Learning. After lessons and games they eat. Here we have soya pieces,

This is November 2018

31st October 2018: It is hard to believe that this can be happening in our Rich, Globalised World, well into the 21st Century. That a Tiny, Irish, Voluntary organisation is the only one to help, despite millions of all world currencies being handed to Malawi, all-day, everyday. It

Kamiraphete preschool

1st November 2018: This is Kamiraphete preschool, which has about 20 students and three carers. Magret, on the left, has come with her two assistants (interns who have completed their MSCE as part of the WfZ Girl Child Student project) to do a little training with the

Peaches on the farm

29th October 2018: I think these are the first peaches on the farm. Just grafted and out of the greenhouse. Fruiting already! Can't wait for a taste. Two of the 37,800 fruit tree seedlings produced this year. Well done team!

Restoring Forest

22nd October 2018: This is a piece of land that we were given the use of at the end of last year by our local Bishop John Ryan, where we invite people to come and learn about trees and forestry. It shows people how to plant trees

Our Lady’s School Fright Night

19th October 2018: Our daughter (on the left!) runs a "Fright Night" at Halloween-time in her school every year to support our Girl Child Student project. It also doubles as a fun introduction to each other for the first years. Because of the school's Data Protection policy, there are no pictures

Plaques for Pumps

20th October 2018: Plaques on pumps have always presented problems. Painting on to the glossy surface of tiles needs a lot of care and attention. Just recently our eldest son Éamonn did the trip to Malawi in our place, while I had surgery on my throat. He thought

Christopher on the lathe

Christopher on the lathe

18th October 2018: This is Christopher adjusting one of our three lathes for making valves for our pumps. The plastic comes in two meter solid bars from Promat the manufacturer (in Malawi) and the team make all the parts to give us the complete pumps, of course

Office Work

17th October 2018: From left are Angelina and Margaret who work in the gardens on Horticulture, and on the right is Magret, who manages our preschool projects, being taught by Prominence who manages Forestry and planting 1 million trees (#1millionTrees) Our way is that every employee should

Irish Apples

15th October 2018: They told me that apples don't grow in Malawi, where apples are imported from South Africa and Zambia and are very expensive. Undaunted we got some rootstock and scions from Irish Seed Savers in Scariff Co Clare, and with their European Passports, took them

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