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More Clean Water

6th MAY 2020:

The installation was exciting for the people; photos were taken for parts and after installation. The place was good and the well was also in good condition. They were walking long distance to an old borehole before and elder people were unable to reach where borehole is. Now the villages are very happy because they have the pump near them. People in the village depend on fishing to earn money and others are farmers, they grow more cassava for food. Schools are there but no hospital. Their road is in bad condition. They have a lot of vegetation around them.



District: Nkhatabay
Area: Mdyaka
Village: Mawusi
Distance from factory:  64 kilometres
Depth of well:  2.99meters
Former water source:  Borehore
Furthest from well:  300metres
Number served:  107
Preschool:  10mins
Primary school:  3minutes
Secondary school: 35minutes



S: 11 46 13
E: 34 13 26



Anyaphiri: 0999275616



in memory of TOMÁS & ROSALEEN SCANLAN, Bishopstown, Cork, Ireland


Pump Number


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