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Fr John Hasset donated

5th MAY 2020:

The installation went well and women and men came in a large number to witness the occasion. People in the village have been drawing water from a small pond which was very dirty and was not safe for human consumption. Water borne diseases have been a big problem in this area but now they have hope that it will be things of the past.

People in this area depend on fishing and some are farmers. Most of them live in good houses. No hospitals in the area and they travel long distance to seek medical attention when they get sick; it’s about 5 km from tarmac road. They are very thankful for the help.



District: Nkhatabay
Area: Sanga
Village: Chigowo
Distance from factory:  86 km
Depth of well:  3.1 meters
Former water source:  Pond
Furthest from well:  362 metres
Number served:  151
Preschool:  35 mins
Primary school:  5 minutes
Secondary school: 47 minutes



S: 11 43 24
E: 34 17 04



Jesting Banda: 0994857333



FR JOHN HASSET, Lucan, Co. Dublin, Ireland


Pump Number


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