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Clean water for the first time

24th April 2020:

The installation went well and most villages came to grace the installation. They were extremely happy to have good and clean water for the first time in the village.

The villagers also depend on fishing, less of them go for farming. Water borne diseases have been a major challenge in this village but now they have hope that this will be the things of the past. There is no meaningful development in the village.



District: Nkhatabay
Area: Sanga
Village: Chisindi
Distance from factory:  56 kilometres
Depth of well:  3.21 meters
Former water source:  Pond
Furthest from well:  241 metres
Number served:  162
Preschool:  5 mins
Primary school:  35 mind
Secondary school: 2 hours



S: 11 43 55
E: 34 17 04



Writing Banda: 0991483837



Christian Reinhard


Pump Number


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