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10th September 2018: This is Miriam, our head of Preschool education and official trainer for Carers and Committees who run preschools in our extended area sometimes up to 200 km from our base in Mzuzu. This one is close to home in Salisbury Line, where the carers

Mphompha Forestry Project under WfZ

from Harisen (31st August 2018) We went to Mphompha, with Adamson and Prominence, where we visited 11 groups and they are the most inspired group of people I have ever met. We began our journey at 5 am to get as much done as possible.

Embangweni again

26th August 2018: And the show goes on in an endless attempt to bring a better lives to the poorest helping end what amounts to SLAVERY for women and girls! Happy people all round.


25th August 2018: This area is Embangweni, about 180 km from our centre. The office is overrun with information and databases on Preschools and Forestry, so it take a little while. Alfred and Benjamin went to do another 21 pumps taking it to over 30 so far. Happy people. Little

Fruit Tree production

24th August 2018; This is one of our greenhouses on the farm where we put mango and other plants while they grow until they can be grafted or budded. We expect to hit a target of 50,000 this year. They grow about 100 varieties of plant there. 16 Malawian

Rodgers, the miracle man

23rd August 2018: Rodgers is our very Special boy. We found him in a drain eating with dogs about 12 years ago. He was an orphan. There was no place for him. Would he be better left to die? We eventually found a place for him to stay and

Forestry in Embangweni

21st August 2018: Laston went to Embangweni to discuss forestry with the community. The area is not suitable for pines so we will help them grow Eucalyptus (Blue gums) and a range of other Acacia and Mtonganga. This is the time of year to plant blue gums as

Preschools in Embangweni

20th August 2018: Yesterday Alfred and Benjamin drove the 180km to an area called Embangweni to install 22 more pumps. They brought Miriam and Margaret with them to introduce preschool training for Caregivers and Communities. They have 50 CBO's (Community Based Organisations) each with a rudimentary preschool but

Six month old trees

19th August 2018. As a trial this time last year we decided to plant some trees. So, having no secure land, we got permission and decided to plant on the lands at the house of our long time friend and former Professor of Mathematics in Mzuzu University,

Apple Blossoms

18th August 2018: These are apples grafted last year and will produce some apples at the end of the year here at the Centre for Learning. It is our intention that all our girls will learn all about apple growing, which will be most beneficial to them

Police Victim Support Unit

12 August 2018: In recent times, Florence, head of our Girl Child Project has worked with the victim support unit on one case of adduction of two girls and in another where a girl had a forced early marriage. Both cased were successfully dealt with and the