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Forestry with Bishop John Ryan

22nd January 2018:

This is the beginning of our partnership with the Catholic Bishop Of Mzuzu, John Ryan, a fellow Irishman with the intention of planting 2 million trees throughout his Diocese (which extends to about a quarter the size of the island of Ireland) by this time next year.

He was Professor of Mathematics in Mzuzu University before getting the call from Pope Francis and a great enthusiast in the fight to halt Climate Change.

When President Mutharika selected our lands as a place for the building of a new airport, Bishop John offered us as much of his lands as we needed to continue with our forestry and fruit tree production.

Here are our guys unloading pine tree seedlings adding to the 3655 already planted. Here we will plant 5000 pines, 10000 Eucalyptus, 2000 apples, 2500 mango and a host of others.

Bishop John is delivering a message of hope to his 600,000 catholics, that there is money in trees which can lift so many out of dire poverty.

There is and will be a market because almost all the forests have been cut down in recent times.

Of course this will help with Climate Change but we are not putting the onus on the poorest who have had no part in the destruction of our planet.
They will be doing it as a good business venture which will help us all.

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