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Bishop’s Pump

16th March 2018:

Rose Reported:


We went to the Bishop’s  with Alfred and Benjamin for two reasons: to measure the well dug to find 21 metres deep.
Next week we will install one of our pumps to see how it works at 21 meters
Secondly I went to discuss with him about the small huts we want to build there and he advised me that we might build 2 huts. One day I passed by their gate I found people making timbers so today I asked brother about the offcuts he assured me that on Tuesday we should get some to build the 2 huts.
He was very happy to see us, and thankful for all the seedlings we have planted.


The picture shows Br Happy Patrick Mzumara, (a Jesuit Brother who works with the Bishop, who has invited us and given us lands where we have now sown thousands of trees, and fruit trees in expectation of losing our lands in Lusangazi for an new Airport announced last year by the President), Alfred, Rose and Benjamin.

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