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Preschool workshop success

Workshop for Preschool Caregivers

Supporting one another, caregivers from 7 preschools came together for a day workshop run by Miriam, to make resources to teach the little ones the alphabet and their numbers, making words, and learning maths.


These preschools were Chamalaza, Kanthete, Bowoza, Katolitoli, Galilea, Kachiphya, and Bingavula. The resources they created are simple but effective, using the materials they have. The templates were originally sent over by a volunteer; Miriam bought a sheet of white fabric, red, green, yellow, blue, and green fabric. The caregivers then traced out the letters and sewed the alphabet onto the white sheet. The children will learn the alphabet and their colours at the same time. They then put the numbers 1–10 onto white string. These caregivers are all local women who really enjoyed gaining new ideas to teach the kids from Miriam. A wonderful day was had by all, sharing ideas over lunch. They will bring these resources and ideas back to their rural communities.


As the years have progressed many of WfZ’s original students are now forming the basis of our leaders of tomorrow. Miriam is a case in point; in 2016 she completed her MSCE and was sponsored by WfZ and qualified as a Primary Teacher in Karonga. She is assisted by Margret and Angelina to run our 51 Preschools, 11 of which are attached to our Land Restoration project, giving the children of our workers a safe place for their small kids to learn. Over the next number of months we have a plan to introduce some fun games using dice/cubes for the children to throw while learning maths in a fun way in all our preschools. Our next workshop will show the caregivers how to make these for their preschools. The possibilities are endless but the importance of utilising the materials that are available locally is very important.


Grass-roots education at its best.

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