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Employee, Trees

Angelina Nyasulu

She was born in 1983 in Karonga district in Malawi and is the oldest of 8. Her mum is still in Karonga and her dad passed away when she was 23. When she reached Standard 8 her father married another wife so he stopped helping them, even paying fees for her. It was so hard for her mother.

In that situation her family was struggling with school until she finished the Form 4. After that she decided to get married to a man from the village who had two kids. They moved to Mzuzu in 2006. One day her husband decided to go to South Africa to look for a job, and he left her with two months pregnancy and the two kids. Her son is Wema and the two daughters  Salome and Tadala.

She managed to bring money at home selling vegetables and tomatoes. One day she was talking of her tough life to one of her neighbours and a Wells for Zöe student overheard it and told her about the work they do. The next day she went to the office and coincidentally John and Mary were there. After explaining the reasons why she needed a job, they where convinced to sign her in as a gardener and WfZ would pay the school fees to her daughter. That day she felt so happy and just wanted to come back home and tell it to her family.

Now her daughter is on her 2nd year school and she is working in the garden and helping with the Forestry spreadsheets. She wishes Wells for Zoë for a “long life to help others”.