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Employee, Manager, Office

Margret Chavula

Head of Preschools

Margret was born in Nkhata Bay district and is the second born of 3 children. Her Mum and Dad passed away but her mother-in-law still lives with her family. She studied Primary in Kalambwe (Nkhatabay district) and secondary in Multicareer (Mzuzu) until Form 3. By the time she was in Form 1 her father was paying fees for her brothers but couldn’t manage to pay more for her, even though her mum wanted her to study.

She married Bob Chavula and they have 8 children, three sons called Maiko (24), Blessings (22) and Amos (20), and 5 daughters called Yapika (28), Catherine (18), Victoria (13), Ivon (10) and Asimenye (7).

In 1989 she moved to Mzuzu because her first husband, who was with her for two years, changed his job. WfZ helped to rebuilt Mica preschool where she was working as caregiver. One day, Mary Coyne met her and told her to go to school again “Wells for Zoë will help you” – said Mary. Her husband works with wood but he doesn’t have big sales. Every time that they have “extra” money it is nice to buy food and clothes for the kids. With four children she was working from 7 – 13.30h at Mica preschool as a caregiver and 14 – 17h studying for secondary.

In 2018 Margret had the chance to become the WfZ Head of Preschools, as before this she had been assisting Miriam, the former head of preschool since 2012. “Now my situation is so much better than before thanks to that work” – she said.