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Girl Child Students with Florence and Magret

International Day of the Girl 2018

Today, 11th October, is the International Day of the Girl. Last month seeing our children heading off to school might be a relief but is also a great feeling. Here in Ireland, secondary schooling is free. There are no fees, but lots of other little

Police Victim Support Unit

12 August 2018: In recent times, Florence, head of our Girl Child Project has worked with the victim support unit on one case of adduction of two girls and in another where a girl had a forced early marriage. Both cased were successfully dealt with and the

Off to University for Lusungu

11th August 2018: This is Lusungu before she headed off to University: Her own story so far:   Her results include an A in English. What a woman. We are sorry to see her leaving our staff, but delighted for her. Just another reason to be thankful to our Donors

Prominence on Forestry

5th August 2018: This is Prominence who shares the leadership of the Forestry Project with Laston. They both go out to areas for training and promotion, but Prominence does the Spreadsheet and Database work as well. She also does the Database for pump installation. She qualified as a

Enabling people to empower themselves

22nd February 2018: This is Head of the Girl Child project Florence, holding a new net for Volleyball and a ball. Here follows three recent reports from her.       The report from Saturday Feb 10, 2018 followed:       Today I get this amazing update, showing, how our organisation is run by


3rd January 2018: This is Ben, one of our workers in the factory garden. He is tending to a plant called Amaranth (Amaranthus), which we promote for pregnant women as a solution to anaemia. Most women in Malawi are anaemic. You just pluck the leaves from the bottom

Sowing tutorial for the teachers-to-be

So now that the sanitary pad project (as an addition to the Girl Child Project) is well underway, it's  important to ensure it's continuity once Áine and Sandy leave. Here you can see Áine in a small workshop that herself and Sandy ran with a small

A special birthday

This is one of the Wells For Zoë girls, pictured with three of our current volunteers - Sandy, Áine and Kevin. Like all of the Wells For Zoë girls, she is very special to us and her story is the perfect example of both the resilience

Florence, head of our Girl Child Project

3rd October 2017: I first saw Florence in action at a community meeting where we were discussing the establishment of a preschool and said to myself: What an amazing woman! She had the confidence to direct the chief and the village head people in a way that

Chrissy in the Pump Factory

26th September 2017: This is Chrissy Mkandawire, who works in the pump factory. She was born in 1985, and lives in Habitat and area near the factory outside Luwinga. She lives with her husband Vincent, two children Esnut (standard 4) and Vincent (preschool). Also in her house

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