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Irish Apples

15th October 2018:

They told me that apples don’t grow in Malawi, where apples are imported from South Africa and Zambia and are very expensive.

Undaunted we got some rootstock and scions from Irish Seed Savers in Scariff Co Clare, and with their European Passports, took them over.

Here they are a prized fruit loved by all which will be ready by Christmas.

We keep grafting them on to Malawi rootstock. We now produce and multiply our own rootstock and graft-on three other varieties.

I think we may have 3000 seedlings ready for about July next when they will be planted out.

They will be a great starter for our girls on our new Horticulture and Enterprise Post Secondary School Course.

The fruit from one tree might equate to a good months wages for a worker.

Another good story!

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