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Irish Apples

15th October 2018: They told me that apples don't grow in Malawi, where apples are imported from South Africa and Zambia and are very expensive. Undaunted we got some rootstock and scions from Irish Seed Savers in Scariff Co Clare, and with their European Passports, took them

Five Tomato Varieties

27th February 2018: At the end of last year we got a donation of some, open pollinated, tomato seeds from Irish Seed Savers. We planted some in our greenhouse at the factory and others ourdoors. Prominence reports:


17th February 2018: They said it couldn't be done: The experts, that is, told us that apples don't grow in Mzuzu, where our farm is located in Malawi So I went to our long time friends at Irish Seed Savers in Scariff, Co Clare. They gave me

Mexican Midget Tomato

5th January 2018. At the moment we are researching 8 varieties of tomato at our little college of Horticulture at the factory garden. All the 255 girls we support in Secondary school get a chance to see and taste them as well as how to grow them. Besides


4th January 2018: Tomatoes are a big part of the Malawi diet at village level. Sadly we can't grow the local varieties successfully on the farm. We refuse to use noxious chemicals, so the local, GM varieties are attacked by pests the we can't control with our

Seeds for Malawi from Irish Seedsavers

27th June 2016: Seeds glorious seeds   Real seed, saved and collected by real people. Seeds that have lasted through families and generations past. No genetic modifications. No animal genes stuck in to improve anything And most of all NO MONSANTO INVOLVEMENT Imagine my delight in finding these on my arrival after the

Bumper Irish apples harvest

5th November 2015: Yes, these are Irish apples, cropping very well in Northern Malawi. Almost all apples available to buy in Mzuzu are imported from Zambia, Zimbabwe or South Africa. They told us that it couldn't be done, but here is the proof. We brought the scions for this

Seeds for our 2000th Blip

22nd June 2015: If you look through our previous 1999 blips you will realize that our main focus in on wells, pumps and water. Now that we have given clean, safe drinking water to maybe 500,000 of the poorest, we realize that we can make use

w4z CD: Wells for Zoë - Water for Life

w4z Supporters

We have just added multiple pages about some of our many SUPPORTERS.  Without them we would not be able to function so a collective thank-you to them all.