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Village near Mponela well

From and to the airport

On my first day in the factory I saw one of the workers drilling holes into the small and big valve and – having built a CNC router at home a few years ago – I thought it is a waste of time if she

Shoprite Car Park Mzuzu

A chaotic summary of thoughts

...unlike the parking lot at Shoprite Mall, Mzuzu! Yup. Malawi. Not what I expected but what I believe should be told as well... Before I came here I had this "image" in my mind... Houses with straw roofs and no access to water and no cars

This is November 2018

31st October 2018: It is hard to believe that this can be happening in our Rich, Globalised World, well into the 21st Century. That a Tiny, Irish, Voluntary organisation is the only one to help, despite millions of all world currencies being handed to Malawi, all-day, everyday. It

Plaques for Pumps

20th October 2018: Plaques on pumps have always presented problems. Painting on to the glossy surface of tiles needs a lot of care and attention. Just recently our eldest son Éamonn did the trip to Malawi in our place, while I had surgery on my throat. He thought

Christopher on the lathe

Christopher on the lathe

18th October 2018: This is Christopher adjusting one of our three lathes for making valves for our pumps. The plastic comes in two meter solid bars from Promat the manufacturer (in Malawi) and the team make all the parts to give us the complete pumps, of course

Chief Éamonn

17th September 2018: This is our son Éamonn who is taking our place on this trip. Here he is in Embangweni an area about 2 hours south of our base in Mzuzu. I'm not sure exactly what is happening but it looks like a greeting from the

More Clean Water

15th September 2018. A pump that has been installed in Embangweni on behalf of drop4drop. When it gets its plaque you can see it over on the wells & pumps page. They all seem very happy.

More Clean Water in Nkhatabay

12th September 2018: A report form Alfred who installed the pump: Tunduma village is in Mdezu area in Nkhatabay. The place is hilly and it has bad roads and as a result many organisation have no interest to help in the area. They really thank WfZ for

Embangweni again

26th August 2018: And the show goes on in an endless attempt to bring a better lives to the poorest helping end what amounts to SLAVERY for women and girls! Happy people all round.


25th August 2018: This area is Embangweni, about 180 km from our centre. The office is overrun with information and databases on Preschools and Forestry, so it take a little while. Alfred and Benjamin went to do another 21 pumps taking it to over 30 so far. Happy people. Little

Prominence on Forestry

5th August 2018: This is Prominence who shares the leadership of the Forestry Project with Laston. They both go out to areas for training and promotion, but Prominence does the Spreadsheet and Database work as well. She also does the Database for pump installation. She qualified as a