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Laston - fruit tree propagation


20th March 2014: Laston

This is Laston checking some newly budded orange plants.

Laston - fruit tree propagationHe came to work for us a year ago and after a very successful year of initiating conservation farming system in the upper farm, he has come to the fruit tree propagation area to help propagate 25,000 fruit tree seedlings at the request of the Ministry.

We all know that this is an enormous figure but Laston is a very serious young man and if it can be done we is the one to do it.

He is well on the way to sourcing and planting the seeds requires; but then we have to get proper soil and source good people to do the budding and grafting jobs.

Make no mistake, this would be an enormous task anywhere, but in a country that imports most of its fruit and has few experienced people in this area, the enormity of the task becomes more clear.

If we succeed we will be the largest certified seedling producer in the whole country, 14+ million people. Maybe its not that we are so great, but what can I say of the rest. In an international conference recently, much verbiage was delivered on the importance of this sector, but with the elections looming, we feel that the enthusiasm has waned.

We realise the value of fruit and are making our own little drive towards home grown fruit.

Maybe “watch this space” might be an appropriate comment

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