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Harisen & Lovemore with dji drones outside WfZ offices

Drones, Panoramas, Mapping

We are really excited that our partner One Tree Planted has sponsored us a DJI Mavic Mini2 drone to document the work on the ground.

Soil Erosion control

One of our big projects is in the Enyezini area. The area suffers from erosion through deforestation in the last 50 years.

Counting tree seeds

Our plan this year is to plant 1 million pine trees for forestry regeneration, Eucalyptus for poles for a quick return for the poorest and then some firewood trees, fruit trees and nitrogen fixing trees as well. Our big first task was to locate the pines

Its called Mulching

8th March 2018: This is Martina placing tephrosia leaves around the growing Maize. This is our favourite super plant. We grow thousands of trees of tephrosia. At this stage of the growth of the maize plants, when they are flowering, as they say, a covering of Urea (an


4th January 2018: Tomatoes are a big part of the Malawi diet at village level. Sadly we can't grow the local varieties successfully on the farm. We refuse to use noxious chemicals, so the local, GM varieties are attacked by pests the we can't control with our


22nd December 2017: In our twelve years farming in Lusangazi, we have expanded our horizons considerably. Besides organic/sustainable/agro-forestry, we have a big focus on producing improved varieties of fruit trees. We now have nine varieties of Mango, which extend the season in which mango is available to eat.

Girl Child horticulture education

A way out of Slavery for Women and Girls

Women and girls carrying disease ridden water, long distances all day every day on their heads, is modern day slavery. The Zoë pump is causing a quiet revolution against this horrific waste of time and talent which is certainly contributing to the economic disaster, that

Stoves for Zoë

3rd August 2017: Some time ago I designed a little zero cost (almost) wood burning stove for cooking. It is built from local bricks, available in every village free. It is built with soil from ant hills (also free!). And it is built by hand or hands; no

Pine Seeds

9th July 2017: This is a small part of our pine cones in the warm shed. They are crackling away and ejecting their seeds. There is huge demand and our guys are on the job



4th April 2014: Our irrigation system in Lusangazi farm is fairly simple. We have a series of channels around each garden, all fed by collecting water and piping some in from a higher level on a stream elsewhere. Dave and John are seen here lowering the trenches to

Farm visit & report

Farm Visit

2nd April 2014: Alepher (and Linda) popped to the farm to, as she says, supervise & monitor the work. BENEDICTO Talked to Benedicto who is in charge of the orchard, it was noted that Benedicto has started clearing the upper orchard , and supported the fruit trees. She advised Benedicto that

Laston - fruit tree propagation


20th March 2014: Laston This is Laston checking some newly budded orange plants. He came to work for us a year ago and after a very successful year of initiating conservation farming system in the upper farm, he has come to the fruit tree propagation area to

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