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New Pump

New Pump

5th February 2013:

New PumpNew pump today at a school.

Harisen Writes:


The electricity went off before sending the details, here are the details;
The pump is in Luwinga at Temwanani preschool Ungweru.

GPS, 11*24.569, E 033*59.986

The well is 11.6m deep. Used by more than 320 people.


Another pic: This is a new project of ours. We have employed a horticulturalist to teach primary school students to grow vegetables. It is also part of their school curriculum and to date they do it academically!! Yes in the classroom. A bit like Ireland!
Our teacher is female Alinipher, a good role model and an all-girl pic.
As with the pump this is today’s action.

For Mary and Myself:
10am AOL collecting donations for Charity Shop from staff
11am Shop
12.30 Presentation of Cheque from DIT students
1.30 Meeting with DIT Easter volunteers and Placements
7.30 Meeting with Clontarf Parish Council with a view to them considering funding one of our projects in Malawi

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