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Plaques for Pumps

20th October 2018: Plaques on pumps have always presented problems. Painting on to the glossy surface of tiles needs a lot of care and attention. Just recently our eldest son Éamonn did the trip to Malawi in our place, while I had surgery on my throat. He thought


12th May 2018: Every visit nowadays means a case of knickers and Bras for the girls. 260 is a lot of bums to cover! I say this jokingly but I'm crying inside to think that a little girl can't go to school because she can't afford underwear.

Rosary Beads

7th May 2018: Mary Browne from Meath gave us some rosary beads to bring to our people who are Catholics, who love their beads and wear them every day. These came to the fore when the Catholic Church Bishops took on the then Dictator Kamuza Banda in

Ready for the roof

26th December 2017: This is Peter our builder taking down some shuttering to enable him to be ready for roofing as soon as possible. The two ground floor rooms are classrooms, while the upper floor is mainly for use as a respite for any of our girls

Friends at Christmas

17th December 2017: As I keep saying, donations come from all over the world from people who believe in what we do and how we achieve it. Today we got a card form an amazing young woman who volunteered with us in Malawi and left an indellable

Aol Monster Volunteer day

11th May 2017: Roseanne Dolan, one of our Board members, is a software engineer with Aol in Dublin. She has enlisted the help of a large number of her work colleagues, from all over the world to spend their Monster Volunteer day working for Wells for

Moira’s Well

24th March 2017: This well is sponsored by a 92 year old Lady in the UK. She heard about our wells from Br Michael, the prior of the St. John of God Community in Mzuzu Her most generous gift has made so many villagers happy today, as their

208 people near the lake

18th September 2016: The district in Nkhata Bay, the area is Kandezo and the village Mjoma, 56 km from the factory. This was a day for two pumps for over 400 villagers, YIPPEE The well is 3.3 meters deep with 2.1 meters of water The 208 people were using

Biya area 248 villagers

15th September 2016: Sometimes I have to shake myself into believing that our Malawian workers can utterly change the lives of 248 of the poorest villagers in a a short space of time, like minutes, not with a magic wand, but a few plastic pipes, some

220 villagers, 1 pump

14th September 2016: The area is Kazandu and the village of Peter Msofi is 13 km from the factory. The well is 4.0 meters deep and it has 1.9 meters of water. The furthest of the 220 villagers has to walk 35 minutes to get clean water, which

Cabbage on the farm

26th August 2016: We constantly research, open pollinated seeds, from all over the World on our farm in Lusangazi, to see when and how they grow best. The seeds for this cabbage came from The Organic Centre, Rossinver, County Leitrim who are so generous and supportive to us. Maybe

128 Happy people

11th August 2016: The area is Kazando about 15 kilometres from the factory, in the village of Aaron Theu. 128 villagers will use this 4.27 meter deep well. The farther distance to walk will be 900 meters which is outside our limit of 500 meters, so

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