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Saturday food

3rd November 2018: This shows Phil getting the food ready for the hungry hoards. Every Saturday we collect the girls from the Girl Child Student project for the Saturday Club at the Wells for Zoë Centre for Learning. After lessons and games they eat. Here we have soya pieces,

Our Lady’s School Fright Night

19th October 2018: Our daughter (on the left!) runs a "Fright Night" at Halloween-time in her school every year to support our Girl Child Student project. It also doubles as a fun introduction to each other for the first years. Because of the school's Data Protection policy, there are no pictures

Girl Child Students with Florence and Magret

International Day of the Girl 2018

Today, 11th October, is the International Day of the Girl. Last month seeing our children heading off to school might be a relief but is also a great feeling. Here in Ireland, secondary schooling is free. There are no fees, but lots of other little

Learning to type

11th September 2018: Learning to type is one of our MSCE (Final exam in secondary school) graduates from last year. She came to Florence asking if she could come in every day and learn some skills. Everyone who come gets some basic training in computing. Here Ellen is being

Police Victim Support Unit

12 August 2018: In recent times, Florence, head of our Girl Child Project has worked with the victim support unit on one case of adduction of two girls and in another where a girl had a forced early marriage. Both cased were successfully dealt with and the

Off to University for Lusungu

11th August 2018: This is Lusungu before she headed off to University: Her own story so far:   Her results include an A in English. What a woman. We are sorry to see her leaving our staff, but delighted for her. Just another reason to be thankful to our Donors

Sanitary Pads

7th August 2018: Most times I'm tough as nails because when dealing with Malawi one has to be. But when it comes to our women and girls, the tears can flow. When I realised that many of the 262 girls we support in Secondary school had no knickers,

I don’t remember classes in Maths being enjoyable!

9th August 2018: These girls look to be having fun in their Maths class. Not surprising as we have a wonderful teacher. Maths is everyone's worst subject and with poorly trained, underpaid teachers, in classes nearing 100, it's not surprising. Lets hope they had lots of fun and food

Visit to the Farm

8th August 2018: As part of our Summer Camp activities we have decided to expand past the Academic, so today one group of girls went to the farm in Lusangazi to look at our Climate Smart Horticulture, Fruit tree production and growing a range of local


12th May 2018: Every visit nowadays means a case of knickers and Bras for the girls. 260 is a lot of bums to cover! I say this jokingly but I'm crying inside to think that a little girl can't go to school because she can't afford underwear.

Secondary School visit

10th January 2018: Another report from Florence, Head of the Girl Child Project: It was a good trip and successful. The girls and the Teachers were so happy to see us and so thankful  for all our support for remembering them in all things and making