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Five Tomato Varieties – Wells for Zoë
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Five Tomato Varieties

27th February 2018:

At the end of last year we got a donation of some, open pollinated, tomato seeds from Irish Seed Savers.
We planted some in our greenhouse at the factory and others ourdoors.

Prominence reports:

Hi Boss

FROM: Prominence
At the moment we have 5 varieties of tomatoes which are at fruiting stage and some are ready to eat. Mexican midget, Aurora, Galina cherry, Brandy wine and Cherokee purple. The Yellow Sub-Malingie has not yet started fruiting as we have just planted from the seeds we saved.

Mexican midget Tomatoes
This variety has started fruiting and it has produced more than 25 fruits per plant.  It looks can do better with more experience and at least it is resistant to pest and diseases.

Aurora (Big Tomatoes)
This variety has started fruiting and it has produced more than 7 fruits on one plant only and in other plants it just 5 and 4 fruits.. Has shown a resistance to pests and disesses

Cherkee purple (Small tomatoes)
This variety has started fruiting and it has produced more than 10 fruits on one plant. This variety can also do better here if it has been cared well. The problem with this variety is that it not resistant from pest and diseases and it needs us to take action quickly if attacked with pest and diseases.

Brandy wine (Big tomatoes)
This variety has started fruiting and this moment it has just produced 6 on one plant This variety has not fruited as well as we expected and I think it’s due to not taking action quickly the time it was attacked by diseases and had it been that it was treated quickly it could have fruited well as these few fruits are big and healthy.

Galina cherry (Medium tomatoes)
This variety too has just started fruiting and it has produced only 4 fruits on one plant so far. It has not fruited well as we were expecting. The problem may be could also be that of pest and diseases.


Yellow Sub-Marine (The small yellow tomatoes). This variety of tomatoes we sowed on 7th of August, 2017 and planted out on 23rd of September. It was ready to eat on 4th of December up to now, although now it’s about to finish and we have already started saving seeds to sow it again. This variety of tomato produces more than 100 fruits per plant and for 100 fruits it weighs 4grams.

ON SEEDS SAVING, This time we have already started saving seeds from the 4 varieties which are ready to eat and we are planning to sow as soon as the one we have has finished. The best variety wish we have seen for people to be growing at this moment its Yellow Sub Marine, Mexican midget and Aurora. I will take the boys in and see if we can get better yields.
The other thing is that those we planted in green house at least  some are fruiting well but those we planted outside in the garden have not done well due to too much rains.

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