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Far from everywhere

10th May 2020

People were extremely happy to see us installing the pump in the village. It is the first time the village has had good and safe water. Before they just dug small ponds where they have been drawing water for cooking and drinking. The installation was enjoyable and pictures were taken.

People in the area do farming; they grow cassava and many crops to eat. Many of them are willing to plant more trees this coming season. Roads leading to the village are poor and the hospital is far from the village.



District: Nkhatabay
Area: Kabuha
Village: M’bama
Distance from factory:  18 kilometres
Depth of well:  4.62 meters
Former water source: Pond
Furthest from well:  542 metres
Number served:  109
Preschool:  none
Primary school:  45 minutes
Secondary school: 1:20 minutes



S: 11 22 26
E: 34 05 15



Aubrey Longwe 0995015928



Brian McMahon, Lucan, Co Dublin, Ireland


Pump Number


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