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PMI National Project Management Award: Social Good

14th November 2019:

No one in this beautiful room in the PWC building had any idea who we were or any notion of what we’ve been up to in Malawi since 2005.

We told them…
They liked it…

They gave us this beautiful award for our project management in:
Sowing 2.3 million Forestry trees, installing 500 pumps, and planting 375,000 firewood trees in 2018/19.

We didn’t mention the 50,000 fruit trees we produce by budding and grafting on our farm or the 156 preschools or the 273 girls we support in secondary school.

We didn’t mention that we get no Corporate of Government funding.

I don’t think we mentioned that we are a totally voluntary group or that 100% of all donations get straight to our projects in Malawi.

I’m sure that we didn’t mention our Climate Smart Agriculture with no expensive fertiliser or chemical pesticides.

Or that we support two trainee nurses of 5 girls in University.

Or that only one of our 59 employees had third level education.

We accepted the award for our Board, Our World-wide support from the little people, our 59 all-Malawian staff, our amazing volunteers, and the thousands of the poorest villagers who do all the work and trust us when we work with them on THEIR plans.

Oh did I mention that we head off tomorrow to Malawi on our 46th visit, but now you know!


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