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Lusangazi Farm

5th November 2018:

This is our main farm in Lusangazi about 11 km from our Centre in Mzuzu City. We bought it in 2007 when we discovered that you couldn’t buy an open pollinated seed in Mzuzu. We even drove the 1000 km round trip to the Capital Lilongwe to find that Monsanto & Co had taken over the country!! You could find GM seeds and banned noxious chemicals buy no OP seeds.

In the 11 years this has become a haven of Malawian native seeds and plants. We began with organic with no chemical fertilisers or noxious chemicals, we moved to agro-forestry and now what we call Climate Smart Agriculture.

We have been thankful to our donors and kept them up-to-date with pictures as to what their money achieved, sending them GPS locations and more recently links to co-ords on Google Maps. We wanted every Euro to be visable and accounted for.

Today is a whole new vista of viability

Kevin Dalferth and girlfriend Cristina arrived from Germany with a Drone Camera and what a vista. I have to shake myself when I see what has been achieved by a group of young men and women with no college training or third level education. Some with only primary level studies, but I wouldn’t swap them for a group of PhD’s.

They have tried and experimented and learned. We regularly have interns, students and graduates come and stay to learn the practical elements of their courses, which is most rewarding for them and us.

You will see staff houses, greenhouses, storage areas, sheds, pumps and if you look closely even the staff in awe of this wonderful machine in the sky.

There are over 100 varieties of plant and tree, fruit, vegetables and over 50,000 forestry trees for planting out in the rainy season in from January.

And this is the dry season!!

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