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Aol Monster Volunteer day

11th May 2017:

Roseanne Dolan, one of our Board members, is a software engineer with Aol in Dublin. She has enlisted the help of a large number of her work colleagues, from all over the world to spend their Monster Volunteer day working for Wells for Zoë.

For a while now we have been looking at ways to make our pump installations and our Girl Child Project more trackable and traceable for our amazing donors.

You may, or may not know that we are a totally voluntary organisation and so we can assure our donors that 100% of their hard earned money will get to our projects in Malawi.

To enable us to achieve our goals, Aol staff in Dublin have joined up with Roseanne, on Volunteer days and in their own time, to weave their magic.

Today is such a day.

If today works spectacularly well, it will culminate in our people in Malawi – with no third level education between them – being able to input information in a cloud-based database, and by the miracle of coding (and magic) a page will be generated on our website for each pump, including pictures, details and GPS co-ords. At the same time a link to the generated page will be emailed to the donor. The pump will also be added to a Google Map of all our pump installations on our website.

To me this will be the greatest gift imaginable and free up hours and hours, of my time doing our blips and blogs and emails.

The same process will apply to each of the 183 girls we support in Secondary school, and later our preschools.

This is certainly Premier League stuff to say the least, and will get Wells for Zoë into the Champions league of transparency.

(Sorry boys, some of you might not get the soccer stuff!!)

To put it simply, if someone donates a pump or supports a girl they will be able to see (EXACTLY, with GPS and pictures) where their money has gone, and what its achieving.

Roseanne sent the following, so can you do a little tweeting and texting and whatever the Facebook Brigade do to spread good news, because this is seriously good news.


Hi all,

So today is the volunteer day – Monster Help Day – in Aol. They will be posting it throughout the day on social media so maybe we should all retweet a bit and get Wells for Zoë mentioned a bit.

So if you could use the following: #AOLGivesBack @AOLCSR


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