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Function in Mphompha with TA & MBC

Trip to Mphompha, Rumphi

Last Tuesday, I was lucky enough to go on the trip with John, Rose, Harisen and Adamson to Mphompha in Rumphi district, to attend a function for the celebration of the Wells for Zoë #1millionTrees project in the area. Malawian radio and television company MBC also came along!!!

John, Golden, Harisen

When we arrived, we first met with Golden Mlowoka Chirwa, the leader of the planting trees project, as he showed us a beautiful area of land where the planting has begun.

He gave an incredible speech describing the communities plans for the future of the planting trees project – he has involved the whole community in the project, including the local youth group, giving them training on how to sow, pot and plant seeds.

Having heard so much about Wells for Zoë’s planting trees project, it was great for me to finally see the #1millionTrees planting in action – and of course the impact it has already had in the community.

Golden Chirwa

After, we went to the local school where the function was being held. We were all warmly welcomed by both the local people and representatives of the area, including Senior Tradition Authority Chief Mwankhunikira. It was immediately clear how respected he was by his community.

TA Chief

Harisen and John explained the work of Wells for Zoë to the community, particularly about growing maize without fertiliser through the use of tephrosia. They explained the importance of planting trees, and how planting trees now will benefit them in the future for their pension funds.

Community Meeting

It was an incredible day and a fantastic opportunity for me to experience the progress of community development projects first hand. Not only are more and more trees being planted, but more and more of the community are becoming involved, receiving training and learning about how planting trees will benefit them in the future.

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