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Magret, Cristina & Ellen on their way to visit a preschool

My need to know what Everyone does!

A good thing about being here is that everyday there is something new. When I came here I wasn't sure about how I could help. I imagined helping in the farm or with the preschools everyday. Once here from the first day we started meeting

Rodgers, the miracle man

23rd August 2018: Rodgers is our very Special boy. We found him in a drain eating with dogs about 12 years ago. He was an orphan. There was no place for him. Would he be better left to die? We eventually found a place for him to stay and

Rodgers, a small miracle

Rodgers, a small miracle

1st Sept 2015: The picture shows Mama Ethel on the left with Rodgers, a friend and Rose our executive secretary. Eight years ago Mary found Rodgers, living and eating with the dogs in his village. He was on unable to walk and crawling around -both physically and