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Sanitary Pads

7th August 2018: Most times I'm tough as nails because when dealing with Malawi one has to be. But when it comes to our women and girls, the tears can flow. When I realised that many of the 262 girls we support in Secondary school had no knickers,


12th May 2018: Every visit nowadays means a case of knickers and Bras for the girls. 260 is a lot of bums to cover! I say this jokingly but I'm crying inside to think that a little girl can't go to school because she can't afford underwear.

Secondary School visit

10th January 2018: Another report from Florence, Head of the Girl Child Project: It was a good trip and successful. The girls and the Teachers were so happy to see us and so thankful  for all our support for remembering them in all things and making

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