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Tree Seeds

5th June 2018:

Here are Angelina and Maggie drying and selecting pine seeds in our little greenhouse at the Centre for Learning.

Our plan is to have 1 million trees growing next season. It’s a pretty enormous task considering that with most of the forests cut down, locating seeds is a major task.

Looks like we are nearing the magic number.
I think we are up to 850000 pines with some more on the way.
Some areas are more suitable to Blue gums and we wont begin collecting then for about two months yet.
Some areas are requesting Acacia and Mtangatanga for firewood, so it looks like will be fine for seeds.

We have already purchased 700,000 potting tubes and potting will begin in the next two weeks.

Anyone thinking that growing trees will assist in combatting Climate Change might consider giving us some support.

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