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Forest Report from Msiro area in Dunduzu

19th April 2018:

FROM: Prominence
VENUE: Msiro Primary School

The GVH Makhuwira, GVH Mzazi, VH Mateyo Muhanga, PTA chair of School, vice chair of Moyo wathu C.B.O and some community members.

We were in Msiro Area in Dunduzu and we had a meeting at Msiro Primary School. We went there through Brother Patrick and Mr. Gondwe to meet people of this area on forest issue. People in this area are facing a lot of problems due to the waste disposal area established by the Mzuzu city assembly within the community. This waste disposal place produces bad smell and it becomes too bad when they burn them, where by the bad sell last for 48 hours in the area. This affects people around it and mainly learners at a School which is close to this waste disposal area.

The waste disposal area have brought a lot problems in the area as it produces bad smell and during rainfall water flows to a river where women draw water to use in their homes.

Beside this waste disposal, there is also sewage within the area which sometimes it breaks and water flows to a river which is too bad to their health as many people even children suffer from many waterborne diseases like diarrhoea.

Upon discussing with them about forestry, people were very happy that they can plant trees in their families, and the GVH also said he can give a hector of a land for the community to plant trees. So we also advised them that they should plant some trees around the waste disposal area as trees uses Carbon dioxide so it will be helping to reduce bad smell by trapping it instead of the smell to go far the area.

The other thing is that, they have a problem of clean and safe water. This is so because they just have few pumps in the area and still more many people are drinking unsafe water from a river which is close to them. So apart from a help of seeds to start planting trees, they are also asking for assistance of clean and safe water. They will be very happy and thankful if we can install some pumps in this area as drinking unsafe water causes them to be suffering from many waterborne diseases for example diarrhoea.

Lastly the GVH said that, he is very happy to hear that we are going to provide them with seeds and train them how to sow and plant. The other thing is that of fruits and water, he is also very happy with this as if we can install some pumps in the area people will start drinking clean and safe water and all problems which they face due to drinking unsafe water will be reduced.  So any time they will call us to go back and see where to start with them on this issue of planting trees in area and that of providing them clean and safe water.

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