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Rodgers, the miracle man

23rd August 2018: Rodgers is our very Special boy. We found him in a drain eating with dogs about 12 years ago. He was an orphan. There was no place for him. Would he be better left to die? We eventually found a place for him to stay and

Our Little Man Fortunate.

30th June 2018:   Two of our childcare student volunteers from DIT found Fortunate crawling around with his brothers one day, unable to walk or talk, when he was about a year old. In a country like Malawi death might have somehow been a better option. But we

Forest Report from Msiro area in Dunduzu

19th April 2018: FROM: Prominence VENUE: Msiro Primary School PEOPLE PRESENT: The GVH Makhuwira, GVH Mzazi, VH Mateyo Muhanga, PTA chair of School, vice chair of Moyo wathu C.B.O and some community members. We were in Msiro Area in Dunduzu and we had a meeting at Msiro Primary School. We

Supporting the Poor and Old

7th July 2017: The fact that we have been welcomed and befriended by the St John of God Community in Mzuzu, has made our work in Malawi possible, over the past twelve years. We have a comfortable home, with all the support we need to keep

Home Based Care

9th August 2016: Many years ago we built a small health post in Lusangazi where various groups deliver an array of health services to the community. One of my favourites of its function is in helping people living with HIV/AIDS. This group meets once a month to collect their

We love this little man

14th  Aug 2015: It's great to be able to the little things when you are busy saving the world!! Mary is great at joining the dots.   Fortune’s story: a.  Personal information Name:  Fortune Mwenelupembe Age: 6 Sex: male Date of birth: 6 December 2009 Next of kin:  Catherine Kaunda Address:  Lusangazi T/A: Kampingo Sibande District: Mzimba b.

Bossy Philip

1st September 2014: This is a little man, Alepher sneeks off to see during her lunch break. TODAYS ACTIVITIES DATE:1.09.2014 Home Visit Name: Phillip Manda Age:15 Village: Bulamusaka Challenge: Birth disorder, has shortness of breath, abnormal head and cough Assessment: He has been going to the Hospital but it’s a palliative care and support



6th March 2014: This is amaranth - called the plant for pregnant women in Northern Zambia. It is very high in iron and helps prevent haemorrhage during childbirth, which is a huge contributor to maternal mortality, which is one of the worst in the world. It grows well

William at Work

William at work

4th March 2014: This is our pump maker, William. I went with him to a village in Dunduzu to look at some wells which needed new pumps. This one needed a new top so William got into action and mixed the concrete to make the slab. The people

Greenhouse watering

Greenhouse watering

25th June 2013: This is Chrissie on the Lusangazi Farm. She is a bright, observant girl and in charge of watering, de-suckering and pest control. From her observations on the farm she has initiated a mulching system with tephrosia. She is also in charge of first-aid. She also



12th June 2013: The little boy is named Fortunate and has Cerebral Palsy. When we eventually discovered him about two months ago, and got medical care for him in St John of God Services, he weighed just 7 kg even though he was four years old. He was starving

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