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Its called Mulching

8th March 2018:

This is Martina placing tephrosia leaves around the growing Maize. This is our favourite super plant.
We grow thousands of trees of tephrosia.
At this stage of the growth of the maize plants, when they are flowering, as they say, a covering of Urea (an expensive fertilizer rich in nitrogen) is put around the to boost the growth of the maize.
However Tephrosia has the same effect as the leaves are loaded with nitrogen (and can I say again its free!)


Fixes nitrogen
Crushed leaves in water forms our main pesticide, even killing the stalk borer that can decimate a maize crop
We used dried crushed leaves as a powder to kill weevils who can eat 25% of the stored post harvest crop.

Of course promoting this is so difficult as Monsanto is the name on everyones lips with their noxious poisonous chemicals, promoted by Government, NGO’s and lots of other nice, but uninformed people

The message is so strong that people pay dearly for these poisons while Tephrosia grows like a weed and is FREE.

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