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Education is the Key

20th July 2018: A day or two in the life of an amazing woman About ten years ago we met this young woman working on womens issues in a village. What was noticeable about her was her confidence and how her views were valued and accepted for

Dealing with Abuse

2 July 2018: Florence (here on her computer) is head of our Girl Child Student project where she looks after and manages the lives of 262 girls, that we support in Secondary School. More recently she has been invited to work with sections of Ministry dealing with

Enabling people to empower themselves

22nd February 2018: This is Head of the Girl Child project Florence, holding a new net for Volleyball and a ball. Here follows three recent reports from her.       The report from Saturday Feb 10, 2018 followed:       Today I get this amazing update, showing, how our organisation is run by

Florence (Head of our Girl Child Project) Reports

18th January 2018: This is Florence in the office with some uniforms for the girls. The following is a report on some of what she manages:     She now has 258 girls to look after and you will agree that she does an amazing job.


7th October 2017: Today was the day for new parents, to come and meet Wells for Zoë and our staff. Florence has met them all individually, but now we need to get the BIG message out. I would be saying: Girls must do their best is my only

Florence, head of our Girl Child Project

3rd October 2017: I first saw Florence in action at a community meeting where we were discussing the establishment of a preschool and said to myself: What an amazing woman! She had the confidence to direct the chief and the village head people in a way that

Visitors to the Farm

11th April 2015: These are some of the women from a Self Help Cluster in Doroba, under the guidance of Florence, far right, who came to check out the farm today. They were looking at what we do in terms of vegetable and fruit tree seedling production. John,