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Production Line

13th September 2014:

These guys are relentless.

They are so systematic and of course have to be.

We had a team building meeting at the beginning of the year to look at trying to organise our production. I asked if we could REALLY produce 15,000 seedlings for January 2015.

One of our workers, Laston, new to us and working in the Upper farm, looked around and declared we could if we were SERIOUS, so I gave him the job, and really pushing it, I asked if they could produce 25,000!?

BUT I explained that it was just a target.

Today,if you look at Alepher’s report, like me, you should be astounded, amazed, shocked at the response. Now these are ordinary Malawians who are doing leading edge production without hardly an A Level between them.

It is their strategy, their learning, their plans, their minds and their hands.

All this has been done with little money and no white person.

SO what have the AID gurus being doing with 2 TRILLION dollars of OUR tax and other money for half a century? Maybe its time to ask them.

MALAWI imports much of its fruit like oranges and apples from Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa!!

Maybe you can figure it out for yourself.

There is no other organisation in Malawi producing 25,000 improved variety fruit trees this year. AND we don’t even make the tiniest blip on the AID Business radar.


Alepher’s Report today:

Fruit Tree Variety    Number Grafted/budded Not Improved

White guava 4420 yes
Red guava Still on nursery yes
Pawpaw Still on nursery yes
Avocado pears 1100 45 yes Started grafted
lemons New lemon 11,490 yes
Old lemon 1,000 yes
Neem 700 yes
Passion fruit 208 yes
Mangoes Root stock 2200 yes
Mangoes 1915 yes
Mandeline 1,200 yes
Apples nursery 200 yes
Oranges 1128 yes

Tangerine 230 yes
Old locults 5

➢ As of now they have red guava, pawpaw and lemon seedlings still on the nursery.
➢ As of now we have 25,791 fruit trees at the farm excluding those in the nursery.

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