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Transplanting lemon seedlings

Transplanting lemon seedlings

6th January 2013:

Transplanting lemon seedlingsThis is Robert and Benidicto transplanting lemon seedlings grown on the co-operative farm in Doroba. We gave the women there a contract to grow 3000 for us to enable them to pay back their loan on the 22 acre farm that we bought for them in May 2012. They have now paid back 20% of their loan, have made bricks for their building project of a house for a caretaker and sheds for cattle and pigs. Not bad for a group of 16 women and five men who will soon own land for the first time. On this project we are working with the Ministries of Agriculture and Agro-forestry.

Roberts first Report of the year from Lusangazi Farm:
Hi John
Here is our first week January 2013 Farm report, Our activities was as follows:
This past week we was started working on Wednesday back from Xmas New Year holiday.
The main activities was weeding in maize and beans here and upper field. We plan to sow Tephrosia and Sunhemp when maize was at knee high to prevent sunlight shading. We have sown rape and broccoli for dimba cultivation.
In Green houses, watering, desuckering when it rains and we was transplanted lemon rootstock.
Natural pesticide, Tephrosia and Garlic mixture to get rid of aphids in citrus.
Yesterday I was with CADECOM guys and I gave them quotation for citrus and other fruit seedlings.
Remarks: Chrissy she was adimited to St Johns Hospital, she was suffering with malaria.

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