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7th October 2017:

Today was the day for new parents, to come and meet Wells for Zoë and our staff.
Florence has met them all individually, but now we need to get the BIG message out.

I would be saying:

  1. Girls must do their best is my only real requirement
  2. No pregnancies or marriages for 4 years. Strange maybe, but there is a big problem with girls, married off or sold off in fact, to older men. They get the child maybe as a second or third wife and pay the dowry in return. (young men can’t usually afford the dowry)

Out of 189 girls last year we lost one, which makes us so sad.

I’m sure Florence had much more to say about attendance, punctuality, notes, …

It is wonderful to see the interest of so many parents and in particular men who may be grandfathers or uncles who are the carers in the absence of parents who have died from the AIDS pandemic.

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