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Chief Éamonn

17th September 2018: This is our son Éamonn who is taking our place on this trip. Here he is in Embangweni an area about 2 hours south of our base in Mzuzu. I'm not sure exactly what is happening but it looks like a greeting from the

More Clean Water

15th September 2018. A pump that has been installed in Embangweni on behalf of drop4drop. When it gets its plaque you can see it over on the wells & pumps page. They all seem very happy.

Forestry in Embangweni

21st August 2018: Laston went to Embangweni to discuss forestry with the community. The area is not suitable for pines so we will help them grow Eucalyptus (Blue gums) and a range of other Acacia and Mtonganga. This is the time of year to plant blue gums as

Preschools in Embangweni

20th August 2018: Yesterday Alfred and Benjamin drove the 180km to an area called Embangweni to install 22 more pumps. They brought Miriam and Margaret with them to introduce preschool training for Caregivers and Communities. They have 50 CBO's (Community Based Organisations) each with a rudimentary preschool but