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Forestry in Embangweni

21st August 2018:

Laston went to Embangweni to discuss forestry with the community.
The area is not suitable for pines so we will help them grow Eucalyptus (Blue gums) and a range of other Acacia and Mtonganga.

This is the time of year to plant blue gums as the seeds are just ready.

They grow quickly and will be ready for planting-out from tubes in the rainy season from January.

Laston writes:

Hi Boss,

During the forest meeting in Embangweni, 21 people attended this  T.O.T  people shown their confidence in this project that they can plant more trees, and some said that they are ready to plant 50,000 trees in one family. This is a family of 6 people only, so far people had assured me that they will plant more blue gum trees. It was a nice and a good day.

I was doing this T.O.T together with forest extension worker, who  is very enthusiastic about the project and has promised to assist in every way he can. He was so happy with our program.

I have given out seeds and potting tubes to all.


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