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Preschool Workshop

16th February 2018: Miriam is head of our preschools division and on Monday she sent me a WhatsApp indicating that she had initiated seven new preschools in a new area and would have a workshop for the caregivers at our centre for learning today. The picture shows


27th January 2008; These are some of the 258 girls we support in Secondary school. As part of our Saturday and week-end classed we introduce them to new methods of food production in our gardens around our Centre for Learning. Malawians are totally focused on Maize for their

Windows for our Classroom Extension

1st January 2018: While the roof timbers are mostly in place, Prominence is keeping me up to date with pictures of the first windows. Good progress.

Ready for the roof

26th December 2017: This is Peter our builder taking down some shuttering to enable him to be ready for roofing as soon as possible. The two ground floor rooms are classrooms, while the upper floor is mainly for use as a respite for any of our girls

Horticulture at the Centre for Learning

20th April 2017: The Centre for Learning is an amazing place. Not alone has it expanded the horizons of most of the 177 girls we support in Secondary school but it is now attracting teachers and experts in many fields to give their time voluntarily. Here we

Easter School

19th April 2017: Our thoughts on doing what we do is to stretch every possibility out of the tiny funding we have. This is not a complaint, its just a fact, because we have the most amazing donors anyone could imagine, but no Government or Corporate

Our Nurse at the Centre for Learning

21st January 2017: This is a new addition to our Saturday staff at the Centre for Learning. She is a qualified nurse with years of experience working for the health service. She was selected by the Ministry to do a course in Counselling in the St John of

Cooking for the Girls

14th January 2016: This is our new kitchen at the Centre for learning. It's a shelter from the rain. These three ladies are parents of three of the girls and have come to help with the meal, which maybe their only meal of the weekend, in these famine

Sowing Beans

12th January 2017: Here are Benidicto and the boys sowing beans. When harvested they will later be used as the protein part of the Saturday meals at the centre for learning. This is part of the factory site which we are now using to demonstrate some horticulture

New Seedling Showrooms

24th December 2016: On the factory site we had two twenty foot Containers from the time we brought our lathes and other stuff from the UK in 2006. We re-located both, last month, to provide us with a window of opportunity. We will use this space as a

Fun for Girls

17th December 2016 Just before we returned home I spoke with Miriam about inviting the Girls in to stay two days and an overnight at the factory, to have fun. Of course I couldn't stop them from including end of term tests, but that's another matter. They had

Saturday School at the Centre for Learning

3rd December 2016: Not much in the way of comfort, but it probably beats the hell out of their own school classroom, where there could be over 100 students at times. Here they have two teachers who are relatively well paid and care about their status, their