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Preschool Workshop

16th February 2018:

Miriam is head of our preschools division and on Monday she sent me a WhatsApp indicating that she had initiated seven new preschools in a new area and would have a workshop for the caregivers at our centre for learning today.

The picture shows these amazing women, having come long distances, learning to be preschool carers in their local areas on a voluntary basis, so that their little ones will have a better education than they have themselves.

In Malawi the school entry age is 6 and if they haven’t began by then, they may never go to school. But when they attend preschools, there is almost a 100% transfer.

Miriam is an expert in teaching preschool and has been doing it for eleven years now. She is accepted by the Department of Social Welfare to run these workshops in their absence. They have promised some extra training for herself and assistant Margaret during Summer.

I expect a report from Miriam tomorrow indicating their work on art and numbers and singing with Local dance, some horticulture and as always a bit of fun to lift their challenging lives.  I expect that they all went home with fruit tree seedlings.

The smiling faces are a cause of great joy to us and the cost is minuscule.

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