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Employee, Manager, Office

Rose Botha

Office & Finance Manager, Human Resource Manager

She was born in Kalonga district, and then they moved to Rumphi district because her parents retired. She went to primary in different schools because her dad worked in different places.

She was selected to go to boarding Secondary School Lilongwe Girls, so she lived alone in Lilongwe during school days and she went back home on holidays until 1997. When she finished Form 4 she completed a private internet and a computer course (typing, Microsoft Office, design, marketing) in Mzuzu. In 1998 she started working in Saint Patrick Seminary, Rumphi.

In 2000 she got married to Timothy Botha, who was her grandfather’s neighbour in Lilongwe. First she moved to her husbands house and finally they did rent another house close to her husbands family in Mzuzu. They have four children called Ella, Emire, John and Gloria. Since 2016 Cecilia is living with the family as well, she is John and Marys “daughter”.

It was in 2013 when John and Mary met her at the hospital Mzuzu Center when her twins were sick. They where distributing clothes to people when she met them. By that time she was working in Ungweru Organization where she was a computer teacher and was doing a bit of everything. In 2015 Wells for Zoë interviewed her and she started working in july as secretary and accountant. Now she is also managing the people telling them what they can do and writes the weekly schedule on the blackboard.