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Employee, Pumps

Manase Kanyika

He was born in 1987 in Lufita area, Chitipa district and he is the 6th child of four brothers and one sister. His mum still lives in Chitipa where he went to primary and secondary school until Form 1.

Because his father passed away and he had to work and help the family. Now he married Biriet Gonwe and they have two lovely daughters, Grace (3 years old) and Anna (2 years old).

In 2001 he moved to Bwengo and started to work in Adrmmarc, a building company. There were some issues that made him move back to Mzuzu, as his family was suffering and some relatives didn’t help either. Life was tough so he went to the city to try his luck. One day while he was walking around the town looking for a job, a guy told him to ask at WfZ – “There is a wall just there, go and ask”.

Manase started with a piece work during 1 month and WfZ paid him. Now he is employed at the factory since 2016. “Life is different as when I was in the Chitipa, things have changed and now everything is getting better. If more help comes, more things can be changed” – he said.

Maybe finishing school is in his mind but his wife is unemployed and the fees are expensive. In WfZ you have the chance to study during work, but on the other hand it takes so much time that he doesn’t find time to study.