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current, Employee, Manager, Pumps

Alfred Banda

Head of Pump Factory & Installations

He comes from Area 1B Luwinga and he has one sister and one brother. His mum is still living in Luwinga close to his home. His dad passed away in 2015 because of diabetes and a stroke and heart attack.
When he was a child he went to several primary schools because his parents were working in agriculture and moving quite often as they had to change the job, but he did secondary school until form 4 in Liwaradzi, in Nkhokotakodta (centre region Malawi).

After that he couldn’t go to college because of financial problems of the family. He had wanted to study water vehicle mechanics.

In 2008 he was a potter, and made ceramic pots, lamps, etc. He worked there for 6 years. When his father was ill he stopped working and moved from Mzuzu to help his mum and dad. After 2 years without working he started at WfZ.

In 2010 his brother’s wife was working in Lusangazi farm, so his brother told him about the work, and Alfred started to work in Lusangazi farm. In 2012 he started at the factory, where he is the head of the department.

He is married with Miriam and they have four lovely sons called Precious, Hope, Blessings and Kelvin.

He likes the job because now he is able to learn lot of things. At the farm he learned grafting, budding and before he even didn’t know what that meant and now he can do it at home! The same with the pumps, now the mechanism is simple but at first it was so difficult, he started assisting and helping the ones who had the skills, and he was growing day by day making threads, learning how to take care of the factory. After three years he gained more independence – making sure the pipe components were done the right way and that they were made in the right dimensions.

In 2015 he got promoted to be the head of the factory.