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Employee, Pumps

Benjamin Chisi

He was born in Mzimba district and is the fifth born of three sisters and two brothers. His mum is still living in the village; his dad died in 2006 because of a disease. He just did primary until standard 8 (last primary course), then at the age of fifteen went to the drive school and started driving a car and being a driver as a piece work, so he could help home.

One brother and one sister could just study until Form 1, as their father died and no one could help them to pay the fees.

Now he is married with Dorozungu and they have a lovely six year old daughter called Rahama, which means glory.

Since 2013 he works in WfZ as a driver, helps installing the pumps and building the wells. Also he helps in the factory. It was his father who told him that in WfZ they were looking for a driver. His father knew Alfred Banda because he works close to WfZ factory. So Benjamin came to the office and started working from the first day.