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Employee, Farm

Maggie Mwanza

She was born in Lusangazi village and is the youngest of three sisters and three brothers. Her mum is still in Lusangazi but her dad died in a car accident when she was only three years old.

She went to primary school in Lusangazi but she couldn’t go to secondary as fees were unaffordable, so she started to help at home farming. They grew vegetables so they had something to eat and occasionally sell. The closest water well was 10 minutes walking.

Now she is married to Amos and they have 4 children called Colines, Benardi, Yamikani and Pempero. Yamikani means “giving thanks” and Pempero “prayng to God”.

Maggie was a volunteer of the farm John Ntonge, an employee on WfZ land. One day he moved to Zambia but before he moved he asked for a job for her at Wells for Zoë. She was in the direct neighbourhood of Lusangazi farm, so it would be easy for her to work there. Now she works with us since 2015, planting oranges, mangoes, budding and grafting.

She hopes to be able to buy her own land if she could continue to work at the farm which would be amazing for her family.

“I am really grateful about Wells for Zoë, my life improved so much” – she said.