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Employee, Pumps, Trees

Bleyers Chavula

He was born in 1982 in Choma, has one brother (25 years old – form 3) and two sisters (16 years old – Standard 8, 32 years old – married). His mum is still living in Choma, but his dad died from a heart attack in 1999 when he was 17 years old.

He was schooled in primary school in Choma and secondary in Khorongo CDSS. In 2004 he finished Form 4, his mum could manage to pay the school fees but not the college.

She was farming and used to sell vegetables at the market, carrying everything from Choma to Mzuzu.” – he said.

Before he started to work with WfZ he helped his mother farming and selling goods on the market.

One day Laston told him to ask for work in the WfZ factory; they know each other from school. He started working in the factory in September 2015 as a piece worker. In march 2016 Laston asked the family to move to the Farm to live and work there.

Now he is married with Brenda and they have four girls. He also managed to help paying the fees for his brother and sister. He really appreciates Wells for Zoë as they enable him to have work and a house. He also has built a house for his mum and helps the family as much as he can.

I wish to thank Adamson for his commitment and for teaching me budding and grafting. Now I am becoming a expert and I do a better job, and am so happy about it! Furthermore we are improving our standard of the farm here; sowing at the right time helps things to grow quicker and everything at the right time is the best we do” – he said.