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Employee, Farm

Brenda Mhlanga

She was born in June 1987 in Ekwendeni village, Mzimba district, and has one sister and two brothers. Her mum still lives in the village but her dad was suffering a disease so he died when she was 8 years old.

She did primary in Luhomero and secondary in Enukweni until Form 4, by that time her stepfather was paying the fees but then he stopped funding because he lost his work.

In 2007 she married Bleyers and now in 2018 they have 4 children; Grace (9 years, Standard 4), Glory (twin 9 years, Standard 4), Prisca (6 years, Standard 1) and Hanna (4 month). They moved from Choma to Lusangazi Farm because Bleyers got the job there. Her husband started 2 months before her, then she started working in July 2016.

Bleyers friend was working in the WfZ factory and told her about it. He got a job and started working at the factory and afterwards they moved to the farm. She really enjoys working at the farm and says her life got easier. Even her parents have been visiting her and they are very happy.

She wants a better life for her children. Now relatives are relying on her wages. When her dad died her mum married again and had three more daughters. Wells for Zoë are paying school fees for her sisters, Steria (20 years old, Form 4), Maince (15 years old, Standard 8) and Miriam (14 years old, Standard 3).