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Kaswiti Village Head

ÉC Visit to Malawi Jan 2022

Hi all,

Just a little note to start a series of posts about my visit to Malawi in Jan 2022 and the exciting work I witnessed while there. I arrived in Mzuzu on 7th and left on 22nd and it was pretty hectic in between.

I will add a bit more later but needed to make a start on this (as it’s pretty late!) and also because I have been made aware that we have not been keeping up with our posts and people may think we have disappeared!

This is to say we most definitely have not and are very busy and coming to the end of the planting season. But we are delighted to tell you that we are well on the way to planting in the region of

5 million indigenous Trees this 2021-2022 planting season

The above is the first photo I took when I arrived and we will start from there…

see you again soon.

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