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Visitation at Mpamba Zikhole preschool

We took advantage of the pump team going to Nkhatabay. We visited a preschool which is in operation. The caregivers were told how best they could teach preschool in the midst of COVID-19.

Margret and Miriam

Caregiver Preschool Training at Kachere CBO

Attending the preschool training workshop for caregivers at Kachere CBO has been one of the highlights of my stay in Malawi (so far!). It was so inspiring to see how much encouragement and confidence the preschools team give the caregivers – I learned that caregivers

Street Market

Failed visit to Kapilimhoto Preschool

Going to the preschool we stopped at this market to buy some vegetables for the workers, who cook every midday and eat together as their homes are far away. The people from the picture also have to walk long distances to sell their produce in

Kamiraphete preschool

1st November 2018: This is Kamiraphete preschool, which has about 20 students and three carers. Magret, on the left, has come with her two assistants (interns who have completed their MSCE as part of the WfZ Girl Child Student project) to do a little training with the

Embangweni Preschools

6th October 2018: One of the pillars of our Educational projects are preschools. Its the beginning and If kids don't start before the school entry age of  six they are often lost and never attend school. Last time in Malawi i met the leaders and community of

Preschool visit to Salisbury Line

10th September 2018: This is Miriam, our head of Preschool education and official trainer for Carers and Committees who run preschools in our extended area sometimes up to 200 km from our base in Mzuzu. This one is close to home in Salisbury Line, where the carers

Preschools in Embangweni

20th August 2018: Yesterday Alfred and Benjamin drove the 180km to an area called Embangweni to install 22 more pumps. They brought Miriam and Margaret with them to introduce preschool training for Caregivers and Communities. They have 50 CBO's (Community Based Organisations) each with a rudimentary preschool but

Preschool Training

19th July 2018: From Miriam:     There are eight preschools, some started over 10 years, but they never had training of any kind, so it is a great honor to be asked to do this work and to be able to assist these most enthusiastic villagers. It is a

Training in Preschools

18th July 2018: After years assisting rural communities to set up and run pre-schools, the Ministry have finally come around to our way of thinking and invited Miriam and Margaret to do our training course for carers and management committees in eight schools, in Bala about

Another Preschool on the move

10th July 2018: With the number now at seventy two the need for preschools just continues to grow. Even the poorest realise that education is a possible route out of the dire poverty they endure. Formal education by the state begins at six, and now even the

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